ProtonMail | ASSETS         ProtonMail               The Switzerland based end-to-end encrypted secure email service provider with advanced features. Open source with free and premium accounts.

Tradecraft Assets - Blade HQ         Blade HQ               One of the internet’s broadest selection of knives and bladed equipment, ranging from cheap and basic tools to the highest end brands and custom blades.

STRIKE APP | ASSETS        Strike App               A mobile phone app to send, receive and buy Bitcoin using the Lightning Network to anyone in the world with speed and near-free transactions.

NordVPN | ASSETS         Nord VPN               All our devices here at RDCTD utilize this VPN service. They are essentially the best available for who takes internet privacy and security seriously.

Raytheon | ASSETS         Raytheon               A major United States defense, cybersecurity and aerospace developer and contractor specializing in advanced weaponry and military equipment.

Optics Planet | ASSETS         Optics Planet               Starting with just firearm optics, they have since become the “Amazon” of tactical / adventure / hunting gear – in the best way possible.