An anatomically concealed kit for backup money or global street level purchasing power effective regardless of societal or infrastructural conditions.


Of all the equipment and tools available and required for OPS, urban survival or just daily life, cash (notes) is situationally the most crucial and useful.

Obviously for not all scenarios but it is the most dynamic, a sot of “multi-tool” for problem solving.

Unlike carrying a firearm, knife or actual multi-tool, a cash stash packet can be on your person at all times without concern for physical comfort, non-permissive environments and being over-equipped.

This type of kit is not a wallet replacement or extension as it’s intended to be used for emergency, operational or survival situations.

Such as if you lost your wallet, credit / debit cards don’t work, have been robbed or suddenly need a boost in buying power for any number of reasons.

Cash Stash EDC Packet Kits | detcader

Used in the example of this intel: Swiss Francs, US Dollars and Euros are utilized as well as 1 gram bullion of gold and platinum in a Loksak bag.

Having foreign currency is not just for travelers but for the unlikely event of a collapse of the country’s currency you may be holding, making it worthless.

To most people under most circumstances, just the currency of your own country will suffice.

US Dollars and Euros are the most widely and easily accepted in essentially every country but Swiss Francs are the most stable and safest.

As for gold bullion, it’s not cost-effective to be used as a bartering tool but it is functionally effective as this precious metal is the only true “world money”.

Cash Stash EDC Packet Kits | detcader

This specific kit is equipped in a hidden chest compartment of a Dyneema jacket, rendering it highly concealed even from a pat-down search.

It’s completely flat yet flexible to form the contours of my chest when worn. Weighs very little having no impact on the strains of additional items carry.

There are several methods of making a cash stash packet as long as it fits the following parameters:

    – No more than $9,999 USD equivalent.

    – A minimum of $250 USD equivalent.

    – Mostly medium denominations (i.e., $20).

    – Few high denominations (i.e., $100).

    – In at least 2 different currencies.

    – Vacuum sealed waterproof bag.

    – None of the bills should be folded.

When physical weapons or tools can’t solve a problem out in the field, paper currency is often the solution.