The RDTCD website is specifically designed and coded to be as privacy preserving and anonymous for the user as technically possible.

All cookies and trackers have been removed, negated or blocked, such as the ones from Google, Facebook and countless others.

This site detects cookies that “follows” the user from another website to this website then clears / deletes it so that it can not track any further. Any cookie that makes it to this site “dies” here.

Absolutely no data is collected from users / visitors.

No data whatsoever is collected from / for third parties or us as it is not possible with how this site is structured.

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This also means that no data is ever sold or shared with third parties as there is no data to sell or share.

Emails are particularly taken with care and only used for member account registration and management.

This site links to external sites of which all have been vetted within reason, but there are no embedded content from external sites, further enhancing tracking resistance.

There are no advertisements of any kind.

Payments for membership fees are collected completely anonymously with Monero XMR.

The RDTCD group can be contacted at [].